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If you are considering renting an exotic or luxury vehicle for your next trip, you can start by seeing what is available that will match your needs. Sometimes you need a flashy Ferrari, or Lamborghini to rent, and other times something a little more subdued such as a Mercedes or Luxury SUV for transporting other business associates. Click below to see the current vehicles in our fleet.

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Luxury Car Rentals

If you are like most people who rent cars for travel you do not likely choose the luxury option for your everyday needs. It may be surprising to note that an upgrade to a luxury vehicle is more affordable that you may think. Additionally, the luxury models such as Mercedes and Rolls Royce are a definite cut above the rest when it comes to comfort and safety while you drive. The next time you need to rent a car in Hollywood California, instead of sticking with baseline economy model, consider investing in a luxury experience for yourself. Sometimes it is nice to step outside of the box and try something new. We offer an extensive fleet of new luxury models in our Hollywood location that are sure to help you gain a whole new level of what it means to drive in comfort. Stop by Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car Hollywood today to pick out your luxury vehicle today. We know you will be glad you did.

Rent A Ferrari In Hollywood

When you think about renting a car chances are that a Ferrari is not the first option to pop into your mind. Many people consider a rental car for practical purposes only and miss out on experimenting with some of the most thrilling cars on the planet. At Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car in Hollywood we offer an exciting fleet of the most popular exotic cars available for rent. Maybe it’s time to consider investing in an exotic car rental experience? Consider what it would feel like to rent a Ferrari or Corvette to get you from point A to point B in a memorable and adrenaline pumping fashion. Some toys are meant to be experienced at least once in a lifetime which is why we offer exotic car rentals in a more extensive and affordable fashion than any of our competitors. Come in and see for yourself what it would take to rent the exotic car of your dreams today.

rent a ferrari hollywood
hollywood suv rental

SUV Rentals

Have you ever heard the word SUV and premium in the same sentence? If not it is time for you to experience the difference. If you have upcoming plans to travel with a large group in Hollywood for a certain event we invite you to discover our fleet of premium SUV options at Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car Hollywood. It can be hard to coordinate schedules for a larger group event. Adding a touch of class to the time you share together by renting a premium SUV helps add a layer of distinction and relaxation to the whole experience. We offer the best models with the most up to date technical options designed for optimal comfort. Our team of customer service experts are ready to show you all the premium SUV options we have available. Contact them today to upgrade your next group traveling excursion. All those who travel in Hollywood with you will appreciate the difference a premium SUV will make and it won’t break the bank.

Lamborghini Rental Hollywood

There are people who work an entire lifetime in an effort to accumulate enough wealth to buy one of the most popular exotic cars on the market today. What car would that be for you? Whichever one you prefer immediately comes to mind in just the right color with you behind the wheel. For most people that dream is more elusive as time goes on and an investment in a Lamborghini is less realistic. At Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car Hollywood we are excited to introduce you car loving fanatics to the ultimate driving experience. We have Lamborghinis ready for you to drive anytime you're ready. Whether you just want to experience the thrill of a Lamborghini rental in Hollywood, or perhaps you need to impress someone for business, or use it for a special event, we have several models and colors ready for you to rent. Sound too good to be true? Contact our customer support specialists for more information today.

Lamborghini Rental Hollywood

Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car is the ultimate destination for luxury and quality. Experience the most breathtaking driving experiences in Hollywood, Scottsdale, Southern California, Las Vegas, New York and Europe.

These are just a few of the exclusive late-model dream cars we have in our fleet just waiting for you to take them for a spin. Want to impress your business contacts with your exquisite taste in cars? Or, perhaps you have a wedding, or other formal event you would like to make a statement when you arrive. Arrive with prestige. These are also fun to give a spouse who has everything an unforgettable anniversary or birthday present. Whatever your wish, we have the car and the experience.

If you are looking for a luxury car rental in Hollywood, LAX, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Scottsdale Arizona, or even Europe, we have locations there as well where you can rent an exotic sports car or luxury vehicle.

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